OneKey Ghost Y6.3 4th Anniversary Edition

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    Phần mềm hỗ trợ member ko rành về cứu hộ phục hồi máy tính của mình, tự động thực hiện hoàn toàn thao tác ghost máy (ko cần am hiểu lệnh ghost tự động) trở về nguyên trạng thời điểm ổn định nhất của bản ghost, chỉ vài cái click chọn là bạn có thể ghost lại máy của mình từ bản ghost có sẵn hoặc tự tạo mới của chính máy mình (gồm 2 phiên bản tiếng Trung và Tiếng anh rất đơn giản và dễ sử dụng)


    Restore: Phục hồi hệ thống bằng file ghost đã tạo
    Backup: Tạo một file ghost mới và sao lưu nó
    Ghost32: Ghost ngay trên window (yêu cầu phải có file ghost32.exe trong máy tải tại file đính kèm)
    Install: tùy chỉnh cho cách thức ghost

    Chạy chương trình, chọn Backup / Restore Ghost phân vùng và tập tin ảnh và bấm "OK" bạn, chương trình sẽ tự động khởi động lại máy tính của bạn vào trong DOS, sao lưu / phục hồi, sau khi hoàn thành tái nhập vào hệ thống tự động.


    Rain forest wind OneKey Ghost Y6.3 Anniversary Edition
    Program size: 2.81 MB
    Application Platform: WinNT Win2000 WinXP Win2003 WinVista Win2008 Win7
    Process MD5: 788061de1d37d2759fe6d0650f7af75d

    Download page:
    Section of the official forum:

    About the procedure:
    A design professional, easy to operate, in the Windows partition on any one-click backup and restore procedures for the green.
    Supports multi-hard drive, hybrid hard drives (IDE / SATA / SCSI), mixed zoning (FAT32/NTFS), did not assign partition letter, letter of insanity, hidden partition, as well as the existence of staggered non-Windows partition.
    Support multi-system and the system is not the first hard disk first partition, the perfect brand to support the hidden partition!

    Procedures Author: Rain Forest Wind

    First, a detailed description:
    1, the default is the core of Ghost 11.0.1, customizable version of Ghost
    2, the program is located by default on the current system partition backup, restore operations, use of the other district
    3, the process of pure green, the system will not leave any temporary files
    4, when the optional back-up compression, the default for the rapid compression
    5, can search the hard disk in accordance with the conditions of the image file already exists
    6, can be neglected when the Ghost restore image file CRC Checksum
    7, can be used prior to the cancellation of the operation procedures
    8, the program user-friendly design, the use of more simple, to avoid errors

    Second, update description:
    OneKey Ghost Y6.3 Fourth Anniversary Edition (version:
    1, solution and full-featured security software Kaspersky (KIS) 2009 issue of conflict of
    2, address the run time display format after the issue of insanity
    (With "time show patches disorder. Reg", the system has problems to import back to normal after the first)

    OneKey Ghost Y6.3 Fourth Anniversary Edition (version:
    1, to increase start hotkey F9
    2, to increase the support of some deformity directory
    3, increase the number of hard disk and the system is not the first hard disk support
    4, an increase of automatic identification Ghost image file format partition function
    5, an increase in the functional definition of Ghost32.exe
    6, increased double-click the search results list to open the search results file directory feature
    7, an increase under DOS backup files when the backup time to the current name, and automatically added to the function of historical documents
    8, update start module to improve the compatibility, as far as possible, and other similar conflicts Toolbox
    9, the initial realization of automatic identification check "Disable access to IDE devices (Disables IDE devices)"
    10, partition table shows Optimizer interface, hard disk partition information indicating that a more intuitive
    11, the focus of optimization procedures for dealing with the interface control logic
    12, optimization of startup files to deal with logic, to solve with other similar software compatibility issues
    13, to optimize document processing uninstall logic, after the uninstall does not affect the use of other similar software
    14, modify the default backup path to the final deformed directory partition
    15, modified from the ISO image file Ghost file search logic, higher accuracy
    16, ISO file to load the address bar after the drop-down menu to search for all ISO document Ghost image file
    17, to resolve a row to open the same ISO file to repeat the problem of load
    18, solution exists when the system user name "&" characters in the issue of error
    19, solve the PE use Ghost32 to restore the file path when the occasional problem of ill-judged
    20, to address some of the notebook, the Internet can not enter the problem of DOS interface
    21, solution installed FAT32 can not enter the second time the problem of DOS interface
    22, solve the DOS file name under the Ghost image file is too long can not find the issue of lead

    OneKey Ghost Y6.2 official version (version number:
    1, change the Ghost core 11.0.1, improve backup, restore speed
    2, automatic updates, start the file repair function
    3, optimization of procedures for dealing with the logic of the document
    4, load optimization of logic programming languages
    5, DOS manual under the Ghost backup and restore operations when using the mouse
    6, after the backup can not be used to repair "Jinsui billing system" problem
    7, to repair a custom version of Ghost to judge when an issue Ghost.exe

    OneKey Ghost Y6.1 official version (version number:
    1, increase online update feature, and shows detailed information version updates
    2, to optimize the speed of proceedings
    3, optimization of Ghost backup, restore the historical records of functional
    4, optimization process is complete dialog box select the option to withdraw the current operation
    5, when the program run to lower memory usage

    OneKey Ghost Y6.0 official version (version number:
    1, restoration can not be restored under DOS image file of the issue of Ghost

    OneKey Ghost Y6.0 official version (version number:
    1, to increase the list of installed operating system functions
    2, DOS to achieve a key backup, restore the system partition
    3, DOS partition hidden under the intelligent recognition and avoid the use of the brand when the issue of damage to the hidden partition
    4, DOS support options to restore the system partition image file
    5, DOS command line under the default parameters Ghost: Fast compression, complete restart,-noide-nousb. Manually modify the command-line parameters.
    6, to strengthen the WinVista, Win2008, Win7 OS support
    7, to speed up the pace of proceedings
    8, optimize operation procedures for withdrawing functional
    9, to solve the system temporary directory does not exist error when running problem
    10, document search procedures to solve the interface problem of suspended animation

    OneKey Ghost Y5.5 official version (version number:
    1, to increase the support system Windows 7
    2, the procedure in the presence of Ghost boot image file directory, the default image file path for the recent backup Ghost image file
    3, to amend the list of zoning district to GB capacity
    4, as amended to determine the issue of frame options Ghost32

    OneKey Ghost Y5.3 official version (version number:
    1, image file path to increase the drop-down menu search function
    2, an increase Ghost image file password protection
    3, to improve access to details of geographical list, remove the virtual memory disk
    4, increase the disk image file using the function named label
    5, support the existence of spaces in the path of image file
    6, to support the advanced search custom search directory layer
    7, amendments to an integer conversion error led to procedures for the issue of
    8, under the amended English version of the operating system part of the interface shows that the issue of insanity
    9, the amendment may not be able to undo function to remove the issue of temporary files
    10, amendments to the restoration of removable media on a Ghost image file that may arise when the issue of
    11, details of procedures to improve the

    OneKey Ghost Y5.2 official version (version number:
    1, as amended PE disk U district judge when the issue of inaccurate
    2, to improve the partition table shows the logic is no longer hidden partition where the Ghost image file
    3, further strengthen the support of various hardware platforms

    OneKey Ghost Y5.1 official version (version:
    1, to join in from the ISO image file to restore the Ghost image file function
    2, anti-virus software to solve individual problem of false positives on the procedures

    OneKey Ghost Y5.0 official version (version:
    1, improving the procedures to start module, to strengthen the new IBM ThinkPad notebook support
    2, by adding "to disable access to IDE devices (Disables IDE devices)" parameters in some of the new platform to speed up the use of backup, restore speed
    3, the default use Ghost 11.0.2, from compatibility issues in Ghost 11.5
    4, amended version of Chinese characters before the filter to determine the issue of

    OneKey Ghost Y3.2 official version (version number:
    1, amended in some modified version of Vista when the next backup system can not correctly restore the BCD file
    2 and improve the CD-ROM at the time of the next button to restore the logic, the real key to achieve a resumption of

    OneKey Ghost Y3.1 official version (version number:
    1, amended the procedures for a small number of computers in the black after the resumption of the stalled issue of interface
    2, amended in all cases, FAT32 partitions are not automatically the corresponding operation of Ghost
    3, amendment procedure interface language to describe a problem
    4, to ensure that the district activated under any circumstances can be a normal boot image file

    OneKey Ghost Y3.0 official version (version number:
    1, an increase of Vista, Win2008 the perfect support system
    2, the disk drive to further improve the judge's logic, the perfect machine to support the brand hidden partition
    3, the procedure to join the English language support, Simplified Chinese other than the system uses the English language
    4, support for removable media directly to restore the Ghost image file
    5, when the program on removable media when the media will automatically search for Ghost image file
    6, support the direct use WinPE system backup and restore to Ghost32 (need Ghost32.exe)
    7, to strengthen support for UMB under DOS, Ghost to improve the speed of up to 50%
    8, the complete solution with other similar software compatibility issues
    9, a process to resolve interface issues resulting from errors Proc

    Third, the use of:
    Run the program, select Backup / Restore partition and Ghost image file and click "OK" you, the program will automatically restart your computer into the DOS backup / restore, after the completion of re-entry into the system automatically.

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    Ðề: OneKey Ghost Y6.3 4th Anniversary Edition

    Oh, mình đã tải về dùng nhưng lúc restore thì không chạy, backup thì ok.
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    Ðề: OneKey Ghost Y6.3 4th Anniversary Edition

    cho hỏi liệu nó có ghost sạch các ổ ko ? hay là chỉ ghost ổ C vậy ? tại vì cái phần đánh dấu Restore hay Backup cứ chọn là nó chọn sạch các Ổ , bỏ chọn thì nó cũng bỏ chọn hết các Ổ luôn ! mình chỉ lo nó ghost cả Ổ D thì các file dữ liệu sẽ mất sạch ! :(
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    Ðề: OneKey Ghost Y6.3 4th Anniversary Edition

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